This site serves as an output for a multidisciplinary investigation for my time at the Center for Research Architecture (CRA) at Goldsmiths University, a one-year MA program organised around practice-led research that investigates the urgent political conditions of our time.

About the Research

The research presented within this platform owes significant credit from sex worker organizers, who’s focus over the past couple years has oriented towards combating surveillance online. Their activism was not only been a source of inspiration, but also a challenge to my own critical thinking and understanding. In diving more deeply into their plight, I began to be curious as to why sexual activity in the online space had been increasingly exceptionally governed, particularly in the United States. In an attempt to understand securitization politics within the digital, I decided to look at the legislative motions attempting to preempt sexual crime, and why the measures took a digital form? What does virtual space lend for combating and constructing sexual risk? How does carceral logic extend and expand within this space? This questioning ultimately led to an investigation into the performance of legislative policy constructing notions of risk and harm, and the ways they trickle down through corporate moderation policy, eventually rendering precarity to livlihoods offline.

About the Researcher

Prior to joining the CRA I worked as a New York City based documentary filmmaker critically engaging in moments of grayness that harbor both tension and change. While this method of approach is ingrained in my ethics, this particular project has been a departure from my film practice. An intentional breakage from the personal to explicitly challenge the political.  I see this research as a work-in-progress, while I continue forth carrying the critical spatial lens I honed in its making.

Ayana Enomoto-Hurst