Upon entering the site, you will be directed towards a “Time Feed” made of attempts and actions to control the circulation of sexual activity online. The ways United States legislation has made efforts to damper its digital pervasiveness and instill a rigidity into sexual policy. While this Time Feed acts as a timeline of events, this Time Feed is not a Social News Feed.

Time Feed Values

For Social Media Platforms the aim of a Social News Feed “is to show people the stories that are most relevant to them,” valuations made from digital user-fed curations and traces, archiving “cookies” that map cursor-y movement, surveying clicks and profile data into algorithmic reverberations. “Personalized” tastes that produce a certain knowledge, a self-fulfilled projection ordering the chaos of lives and information. Values of the individual and more generally individuality, made to centrally feed an accumulated being.

This Time Feed is not a Social News Feed.

Here, relevance still holds value as a techno-mimicry of its design, only formalized for its narrative means. Yet in an (not quite) endless scroll back-in-time, the feed historically traces relations in a convergence of their making. Titled not by the actions, but actions by their person(s), notable nodes, sometimes authoritative, sometimes made-so. The logics here are not black-boxed in code with values made to be unfelt but constituted by their relationality to the construction of the digitally obscene, the NSFW. It is the political conflation of sexuality with (un)safety, and the surveillant measures made to securitize its ubiquitous “risks”.

Here, sociability does not empower a rank of visibility to this feed. It also does not operate to polarize, by catering to individual values. Instead social forces are recognized in their dis-alignment and arrayed so in their conveyance—to reveal how discongruent values have the potential to be woven. The potential of additive complexity to narratives framed in their singularity, or more properly their individual. Woven in their offset, they together reveal how disparate actions, act beyond their individual scope. Their algorithmic tunnel values which collide most intensely outside their virtual conception.